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Friends and family would show up and buy drinks and harass me when I blew a lyric or a change, and then half of them would sleep on the floor of my apartment and we’d have a sort of rolling beer party for a couple days.

Bill would put me on to open for anybody he thought I ought to meet, and one thing led to another, and pretty soon I was on the road myself.

If you're nearby or have people in Northeast, come out and see us or share the ticket link.

I forgot to mention this in the January newsletter, and generally I find the shows are better attended when people know they're happening.

I checked my back-cast and then lay out an arc of line that put the fly on the seam where the current and the backing water met, and then, suddenly I woke up, drenched in sweat from a breaking fever at the end of a week with the flu, and the moon a thin crescent setting south of west out the window in the dark.

It’s deep winter, the rivers are locked up under a foot of ice, and I’ve been off the road for over a month.

Saturday March 3rd I'll be performing at the Back Porch Festival at the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA., on a sweet triple bill with my friends Birds of Chicago, and Anais Mitchell.

Here’s to summer green, the river of real time, and wild things caught and released.

I don’t get to play the Carpe much anymore, so I booked two nights solo back to back in March (3/15-16). MILWAUKEE - On Saturday the 17th of March I'll be appearing as a panelist and musical guest on the improv/quiz show I Should Know This at the Urban Harvest Brewing Company in Milwaukee, WI.

The show is run and hosted by one of my oldest friends, Kris Puddicombe, and features comedians and audience members interacting within a quiz show format.

One feels this sort of thing keenly while scouting a river from the driver’s side of the truck, trying to decide where to fish.

You can only cover a stretch of river the first time once, but the bones of it, even the minute features of geomorphology and hydraulic, imprint upon the mind in detail.

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It was August, a run of days without rain, hot and the deep overripe green of late summer thinly coated with dust.