Bunch of fish dating

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Bunch of fish dating

The answers to these questions aren't clear, so you just have to estimate.

Here, let's assume you would have 11 serious suitors in the course of your life.

For example, let’s say there is a total of 11 potential mates who you could seriously date and settle down with in your lifetime.

If you could only see them all together at the same time, you’d have no problem picking out the best. And as with most casino games, there’s a strong element of chance, but you can also understand and improve your probability of "winning" the best partner.

This can be a serious dilemma, especially for people with perfectionist tendencies.

The next person you date is marginally better than the failures you dated in your past, and you end up marrying him.But he’s still kind of a dud, and doesn't measure up to the great people you could have met in the future.So obviously there are ways this method can go wrong.You need some kind of formula that balances the risk of stopping too soon against the risk of stopping too late.The logic is easier to see if you walk through smaller examples.

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But as the number of suitors gets larger, you start to see how following the rule above really helps your chances.