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Note: After Chew #18, the story then leaps to Chew #27 showing the reader events taking place a year later. Tony is in the hospital after being injured in some way.

Toni goes to visit him and after chatting with Caesar who came to wish him well, heads back to work.

It turns out that a student named Peter Pilaf has a new food related power.

After detaining him, Tony finds out that Pilaf had sent a recipe to astronauts on the Fisher-Okroshka International Space Station which exploded shortly afterwards.

A week later, the FDA is making the writing in the sky a priority over the chicken ban.

Tony teams up with Mason's old partner Caesar to look for a former FDA agent named Migdalo Daniel who is a Voresoph, Migdalo attacked the agents and accidentally killed himself.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agent who solves crimes by receiving psychic impressions from food, including people.

It turns out that a servant of The Vampire on the Space Station caused the station to explode and escaped with some computer files and a Gallsaberry.

Tony is transferred to NASA for the day to work with his sister.

During the investigation, Tony has a hit put out on him by a business man named Ray Jack Montero.

It is eventually discovered that Mason Savoy killed Pepper and when confronted about it, bites off Tony's ear to use as leverage in case Tony ever comes after him.

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