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Dating website for people brain injury

This is why if we don't write it down, put it in our phone, whatever our system is, we are going to forget about it.It's not just for the big stuff like birthdays and doctors appointments.I don't like living in clutter or disorganization, it makes me uncomfortable.More than that though, it makes my life a lot more difficult than it needs to be.When you have problems with your short term memory it's a good idea to have a designated location for your phone, keys, purse and/or wallet.You don't need to be searching for them the next time you are supposed to be on your way some where.That way when you find it somewhere random like the linen closet, or in the fridge, we'll have a great story to laugh about for ages.4) After about the third time I've lost focus my wonderful boyfriend will look at me and jokingly say "You have the attention span of a goldfish." Trying to watch a movie, we hear a noise, and our attention is gone.

Everyone has a point, where everything becomes to much- to much noise, to much going on, to many people, just to much of everything. As a loved one, you need to not only be understanding as to overstimulates us, but also help us identify the other things and people that contribute to it.These are things I wish my family and friends had always known, before it came time for us to know them.1) -Imagine for a moment how it feels to use to make sure you took your medications, and not once, but a few times a week.-Imagine forgetting your towel for your shower, twice a week.Post-its, calendars, planners and our phone- between everything, we will still forget something.It's not that we are overloaded with life, not anymore than we were before, but it doesn't feel that way to us.

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All of these things are no doubt true, but again try living in our mind just once.