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Free adult bi chat

It is not up to others to give us the affirmation we, like all humans need; it is up to us to give that acceptance, love, and respect to each other and then build upon that foundation together.That's where am Bi comes Bi Los Angeles is not just another meetup group that offers fun events.But remember, as with any group, you get out of it what you put in!

Some of our members are closeted outside of am Bi, and we want to protect their anonymity.Inside am Bi, however, we are open and out to each other.Before Joining, please read THE THREE BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP: Sorry, but incomplete profiles will absolutely NOT be approved for membership.Your answers also serve as your introduction to the group.REMEMBER: We may be sexy, but we are NOT A HOOKUP GROUP. Again, incomplete profiles will not be approved for membership.

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Profiles without recognizable photos or incomplete profiles will not be approved for membership. PLEASE NOTE: While many of our members are single, am Bi is not a hookup group. We are here to help build a community in Greater Los Angeles that is welcoming, safe, diverse, vibrant, and visible.