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When I started getting messages from people I didn’t know through word of mouth I was like wait a second…

The Relationship Coach, LLC began in July 2014 officially. Some are extrovert, outgoing types who date plenty but can’t sustain or stay interested in anyone long enough for a long-term relationship, and some are introvert types who are shy and have a hard type meeting and dating.

Sessions cost about 0 an hour face to face, less for the virtual sessions, and for packages and so forth I give my clients lots of discounts.

And I also like to sometimes go out with my clients and wing woman.

No need to bar hop all the time to meet someone, sometimes the person for you is at your local watering hole.

And if you can’t afford a dating coach, wait staff and bartenders make great wing men at your favorite spot just an FYI.

What comes to mind for me when I hear this question and something I love adding to online dating profiles when I edit them are- those little imperfections that make us human.

Perhaps you have a dorky laugh, or you’re afraid of heights or the dark, or trying to overcome your addiction of looking at food on Instagram all day (seriously what is it with the #foodporn obsession- I love food too don’t get me wrong).

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Master’s level therapist/ background in psychology, originally thought I would go back for my doctorate to become a psychologist but discovered that love consulting is my calling.

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