Multiracial dating sites south africa

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Multiracial dating sites south africa

The Bell Curve wasn’t nearly as racist as people made it out–the race thing was only a small part of the book–but it was a turning point for the resurgence of the movement.Years later, I first saw the term “Human Biodiversity” years ago when I read Steve Sailer’s “Is Love Colorblind“–which pushed a common theory on why there are more AF/WM and WF/BM couples than WF/AM and BF/WM couples.

If I compared population heights, vertical jumps, IQ, bowling scores, head sizes, or whatever, it’s highly unlikely that I’d get the Well…hardly anyone is arguing with that.

If my IQ is 125 and yours is 123, does that mean I’m gunning for success and you’re doomed to failure?

What if I come from a poor family and had no school…if I have an IQ of 90 as a result of malnutrition, is it fair to say that it’s genetic?

After years of debating and exploring “Human Biodiversity” (HBD), a.k.a.

“Scientific” Racism, I thought it might be good for me to say my final word–much as I did with the Pick Up Artist debate.

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Far from being the product of irrationality, fear and hatred, racism developed in Europe as a prodcut of Enlightenment, part of a rational and scientific project to understand the world.” Contrary to the oft-heard-but-incorrect HBD proponents’ claim that “Intellectuals have not attempted to embrace the idea of HBD,” intellectuals started “HBD.” Only it wasn’t called HBD back then, and most of them were simply playing with ideas which were not part of their main body of work.

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