Mystery dating coach

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Mystery dating coach

The dating coach tells men to stop being so available and flexible.He advises the men to leave a little mystery because women, despite what they say, do desire the chase. 1 problem cited by his male clients, and he explains why, using the game of poker.As a licensed counselor in Washington, he's listened to many men groan about being in the nice guy rut.Glover said that nice guys, like himself, were often nonconfrontational and constantly seeking approval -- both destructive behaviors in a relationship. "In general, women like the tension, or they will lose interest quickly," he said.While the nice guys may not be as forward or loud, their selfless personality can be valuable to a lasting relationship, they say. Nice Guy worked to Melcher's advantage when he met his future wife when he was 23.She strolled into the bank where he worked one day, and he seemed nice, so she asked him out to coffee that day -- a date that would evolve into a successful marriage.

"Women wanted the bad boys." Everyone probably knows a Mr. He's the guy who patiently listens to a girl complain without interrupting her.

But he stopped doing those things over the last two months and made himself less available.

He's not trying to be cocky or mean to women, but his new attitude is getting him more dates.

Nice Guy in return for their affection, love and attention," said Dan Macon, who runs The Modern Man.

"Sure, women want you to show them respect and love, but they also want you to be a man and take charge. He was painting her walls one time when she left to go on a date with another guy.

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The study found the female students preferred the males with these traits.