Recording consolidating adjustment journal entries online dating nz review of systems

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Recording consolidating adjustment journal entries

This is a preparatory measure before the first consolidation or divestiture is posted in consolidation of investments.These preparatory entries adjust the data of the following posting levels: Both the consolidation unit as well as the consolidation group are recorded in the data records – in posting level 22, the partner unit is also recorded.Note In data records with posting levels less than or equal to 10, the system posts only to the consolidation unit – not to the consolidation group.Reporting takes into account the data records for all consolidation groups.

A guide to accounting for users who are interested in understanding accounting reports.

The Close Monitor setup consists of a ledger set hierarchy definition whereby a predefined ledger set is addressed, with each ledger and ledger set assigned a manager who is responsible for its financial close, and a logo to represent the entity in the display.

The list of managers available for assignment contains the persons defined in the Human Capital Management (HCM) module of Oracle Fusion Applications.

Reporting only takes into account the data records with the assigned consolidation group and the higher-level consolidation groups.

to ensure the correct disclosure of the reported data (02), the standardized data (12), or the consolidated data (22).

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Reporting only takes into account data records in the assigned consolidation group and in all consolidation groups that have ownership in the assigned consolidation group.

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