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Taylor kinney dating lady gaga

This new revelation comes just days after Lady Gaga told Howard Stern on his Sirius XM show that she and Kinney remain on very good terms since their breakup. “He’s been my lover and my friend for a really long time.

He’s been so supportive of the [new] album [.” As for Di Giovanni, sources say she is pretty enamored with the new guy in her life.

“He’s told her he’s planning to visit her in Philly; maybe as soon as this weekend.” Alanna’s life couldn’t be more different from Gaga’s.

Insiders say that Kinney has been quietly dating a 26-year-old girl from South Philadelphia, Alanna Di Giovanni, and unlike his ex’s alter ego, we’re told she’s not a Fame Monster: Di Giovanni is a former Atlantic City bottle-service waitress who now works in radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

It’s just about life changes, and we all go through different stages and we’re focused on different things. He’s been my lover and my friend for a really long time.

But asked if she would be happy if Taylor started dating again, she said, “I’m not going to f ***ing throw a party!

” It’s fortunate that Gaga doesn’t want to arrange any kind of bash, as Taylor is dating 26-year-old radiologist Alanna, who is said to be “head over heels” with him.

According to Page Six, Philadelphia based Alanna recently took a trip to Texas with Taylor where they attended a Formula One race and went to a Taylor Swift concert.

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