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The Portuguese and others imported 4 million Africans to carry out cultivation, using what came to be called the plantation system.

In the first century after European arrival the slave population had already surpassed that of the locals, decimated by disease.

Brazilian sugar was thirty percent less expensive than sugar from elsewhere, creating major export opportunities.

A decline in the second half of the 17th century led many producer regions to diversify production, expanding cotton or, in Reconcavo Baiano, tobacco or cocoa.

The Indians both influenced and were influenced by the Europeans who arrived in the fifteenth century.

This region produces most of Brazil's grains, oilseeds (and exports).The combination of burning with these new farming methods decimated native flora.Indian land management included garden areas in locations selected to allow interaction with their surroundings.Central Brazil contains substantial areas of grassland.Brazilian grasslands are far less fertile than those of North America, and are generally suited only for grazing.

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While laws prohibited their enslavement, in many areas the law was not respected.