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Updating facebook status twitter

If you ask the fine lady to "Update Twitter..." she politely responds, "Sorry, I can't help you with Twitter." At least, that's what she thinks. When you're done, add the short code to your address book and name it Facebook.After some tinkering, I set up Siri on my i Phone 4S to not only update Twitter, but Facebook, too. When you complete the process, add the short code (40404) as a new contact, and name it Twitter. Step 3: Update Facebook or Twitter with Siri Now you can start updating Twitter and Facebook using Siri.Web Clients We found three clients (well, two and a half as you’ll see) that support Page updates: Ping.fm, People Browsr and Hoot Suite.We also checked Seesmic’s web app and Brizzly, both of which do not support Page updates, as well as Hello TXT, which does, but requires you to install a Facebook App.Now when you're driving, on an evening jog, or need a break from the keyboard, you can speak your status updates instead of typing them. Activate Siri (long press the Home button) and say "Send a text to Twitter [your status update]" or "Send a text to Facebook [your status update]".Follow these steps to get started: Step 1: Set up Twitter Text "Start" to 40404 (U. Once you confirm the message, your update will be posted.

Yoono’s customer service rep said that it is a highly requested feature, and they are working with Facebook on permission issues, and we review People Browsr’s client below, as it is basically identical to its web version.

Believe it or not, you can add Twitter to Facebook in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Even though Twitter is integrated throughout i OS 5, there's one would-be-awesome feature missing: updating Twitter with Siri. Click the link in the reply and finish the setup process in your mobile browser.

And because of where I work and who knows me, I am careful(ish) about my FB status updates. But would I share details of my (ahem) "private" life? I am not doing the whole "What do my readers want to know about me" barf.

But the Twitter peeps can't see my photos and the fact that my best friend in life truly should be Tori Spelling, just like I always thought. Working at Microsoft, I am expected to have a personality and opinions. All that not withstanding, what, exactly, is the delta between my blog posts, my facebook status updates and this whole Twitter thing I may or may not get myself into?

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