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Americans will no longer be able to travel to Cuba individually unless they fall into one of 12 previously established categories that will continue to include people-to-people but only if they are part of a group with a set schedule.

And the surprising reason is that 75 per cent of us are running our fridges too warm.

The more stuffed your fridge shelves become, the harder it is to keep cool.

And he is not closing down the American embassy Obama opened in Havana - a pillar of the deal Trump claimed was so horrible for the US.

Obama traveled to Havana last March to solidify a detente between the US and Cuba that his administration negotiated in 2014.

I believe it was Batgirl who sassed him back and essentially said, Why are you trying to justify having a team of only women?

No one would ever try to validate sending a team of only men.

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He took a hardline on the issue in the general election after he was accused of violating the embargo as a businessman.